Robbie Watts


Robbie's Story...

Hi, I'm Robbie Watts and you might recognise my name from the Steve Robert's Collection?- I am the one holding the Warlock of Love book over in Steve's fabulous collection.

 I would like to share my memories of another meeting I had with the Main Man..

In 1976 in Southport, (near Liverpool where I'm from and still live) - T.Rex did a gig at The Floral Hall, which is still open today.

After the gig we got in to the after show party !! I'd got friendly with 'Mick O'Halloran' the Head T.REX Roadie earlier, and he'd remembered me and got myself, my sister and a couple of other people into The Clifton Hotel! I think eventually most were thrown out. There we were just sitting in a corner of the late bar, an hour or so had gone by, and guess who came into the room??!!

There was a large gap created, and 2 seats were magically made available for our star guest and his Girlfriend! After about an hour had passed, a few songs, funny stories, and Pics taken etc - people left, and I remember that it was very late and I found myself sitting next to Marc chatting. Gone was the Pop star ego, I realised he was a normal person, his cockney accent was there, his BBC tone had disappeared, and he sang 'Demon Queen' and I asked him to blast out 'Jeepster' for me, as I had a tape running! - he laughed and I remember he called me his 'Cheeky Scouser'! - By the way, my dog chewed that tape to bits, not long after!

Eventually it was time for Marc to go to bed. As he got up he shook hands with me, and he called me by my name 'Robbie' ! that made me feel like I was his friend! - this made me think again, much later when a friend in Paris, showed him a pic from the Southport hotel, with Marc and me, and my friend told me when Marc saw the pic he said, ahh!, That's Robbie!! Like 'WoW! 

Marc left and went upstairs to his room. Steve Currie let three of us crash on the floor in his room, but no one got any sleep because he snored so loudly!

Well, that was the last time I ever saw 'Marc Bolan' as we waved them 'goodbye' on their coach, little did any of us know he would soon be taken from us. I think I can safely say . . seeing as Marc knew I existed and we knew each other for such a short space of time, he was my friend...

Now its 2006 and 'Steve Roberts' finds me! 'Wow'! Thanks Steve!

Now,'Terry Morgan' although I've searched for him for years was however never found, or heard of again - I wish I could find him again, we both played in bands and had lots in common, if you're out there 'Terry' gerrin touch! (Terry is the one with the Dickie Bow, next to Steve Currie)

Hope you enjoyed this account of those times.  As I write this - 'Marc' is looking down at me from 'The Slider' poster above my head - and the memories are all still all there!

Robbie Watts ~ Liverpool - 2006

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