Richard Dunnett

(aka 'Dick the Click')

I first knew Steve Currie from the time I was just getting into photography, and when most of my practice time with my new found hobby was to photograph a local band in Grimsby, `The Rumble Band'. That band was some ten or twelve strong, complete with a brass section. As time went on this band became four one of which one was Steve. Two of the band had written a song, it was recorded, released and got national radio air play a few times. The famous local `four' went to London to await their fame, it was not to be, not for all that was, but for one. With nothing much happening with the song, the lads having to seek factory work to survive they then decided to return to Grimsby, all except Steve that was, he decided to stay `down south' with his girlfriend. (click on thumbs below) 


Whilst looking through the music press he saw an ad for a bass guitarist… he went along and the rest as they say is history.

Grimsby lad Steve was now a member of T.REX with MARC BOLAN. We watched him on TOTP, we watched the Number 1's clock up and great album success.

Somehow word got up to me that that they were to play a warm up gig before going on their 1 stEuropean tour at Boston, Lincolnshire. This was at the Starlight Rooms at the Boston Gliderdrome, 1972, and did I want to come down and get some pictures and to ask for Steve on the door. It wasn't long before we were taken to the stage door, Steve was called to see if he really knew us and he led us to what I can only describe as ` a room full of BEER and PRESS', the good old press room backstage. Much to the amazement of all those press boys my name was called out for me to go to the dressing room. Steve and Marc where tuning their guitars through small amp/speakers. Steve introduced me to Marc, I had taken a couple of pics with me of Steve playing in Grimsby with The Rumble, I seem to recall a bit of Micky taking on Marc's part. I did ask if I could take some shots in the dressing room but Marc said politely “no, but I could get as many as I wanted on stage and do dressing room shots afterwards”.

I took a roll of 35mm b/w and 12 shots on a 120 roll camera. The only negs that have survived are these 5 off the 120 camera. I never did get back in the dressing room, it was absolute mayhem.

I did see Steve again for the last time when he returned to Grimsby with The Chris Spedding Band.


Richard Dunnett 2006

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