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Marc's Parents Phyllis and Simmie Feld...

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This is Kaz's story, a tough one at that...

The first time I ever saw Marc was in 1970.  I was about 11 years old and my older cousin Keith who was mad on The Faces took me along to Dudley Castle.  My memory of the whole concert is a bit foggy now, I wasn’t into or had heard of many of the bands on the bill but when I saw Tyrannosaurus Rex, Marc and Mickey, I knew that this was different and something touched my soul, something that would last for the rest of my life and change my lifestyle for ever.


I was ridiculed at school for having curly hair, I was called all sorts of names but... when Marc appeared on Top Of the Pops, it all changed, all of a sudden I was receiving compliments and the bullying stopped, I was disciplined severely for standing on the desks and singing Thunderwing at the top of my voice. Dressing up with glitter under my eyes and wearing satin clothes to go to the shops and buy Marcs records was great fun.  Sitting outside with a portable tape recorder listening to Marcs records on long summer 70’s nights was the only thing to do!


I met Marc at Pebble Mill in Birmingham, it was about 1973 and I was very young, around 14 yrs old.  I walked from my house to Pebble Mill, it was miles and my feet were covered in blisters but I knew I had to meet him. I managed to sneak past security and listen in while he recorded an interview.  I got really close to him and I remember how beautiful he was in the flesh.  I often wish that video cameras had been around then.  I chatted to him as he walked down the corridor and he asked me what my ambition was.  I told him it was to work in television and radio he told me to go for it and to follow my dreams.  I took Marc’s advice and all these years later I work in TV and radio.


I saw Marc in concert 5 times not including Dudley Castle.


  • 1974 - Leicester
  • 1975 - Folkestone
  • 1976 - Birmingham Odeon
  • 1977 - Portsmouth
  • 1977 - Birmingham Odeon


At one of the Birmingham gigs I left before the last song.  I had heard that he was staying at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham and wanted to get there before he arrived. 

There were a few fans outside but because we had got there earlier we had got into the foyer.  Marc came in with Gloria, he smelt gorgeous, they smiled and said hello and we had a chatted about the gig, I told him that I had taken his advice and was now planning to do some radio training at Pebble Mill; he was really pleased for me.  We said goodbye and I did the most horrendous thing, as he turned to get in the lift, I was taken over by something evil, I pulled his hair, I had a big chunk, by this time there were other fans trying to get in, so I always hoped he thought it was one of them.  I still have some of his hair, although over years of excessive handling and boring people with the story it is much thinner but i keep it under lock and key.


On September 16 1977 I woke up to my mom sitting on my bed, she was in a terrible state.  She told me about the crash and my whole world crumbled; I felt as though someone had reached in and pulled out my heart.  My mom felt as though she had lost a son because Marc and his music had been a part of our family for so long.  I kept waiting for a message to come on the radio to say it was a case of mistaken identity and that Marc was ok.  It’s still surreal and hard to believe that he isn’t here although not a day goes by without a thought about him and playing at least one record.


Shortly after I got to know Phyllis and Simmie Feld, Marc’s parents.  I used to visit them most weekends.  I used to love to go to their flat in Putney, they always made me so welcome and always looked after me when I was in London.  The flat was very cosy, with a huge floor to ceiling mirror on the wall with a picture of Marc on it.  Whenever, I visited I took flowers and I remember Phyllis always had cake.  We would talk for hours about Marc and Rolan and Gloria.  Rolan spent a lot of time at the flat and I bought him a book about a little red train which I read to him when he was just a toddler. He was a lovely child, so funny and full of character. Simmie used to pick Phyllis up from work, sometimes I would go with him and sometimes just wait at the flat.  If the weather was nice we would go to the crematorium and sit on the bench, it was nice to share that time with them.   Phyllis and Simmie gave me lots of mementos over the years belonging to Marc which I treasure.  In the mid 80s I was married briefly and the day before my wedding I received a parcel from Phyllis and Simmie.  They had filled a box with confetti and tissue and something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  She also sent me a pearl necklace which belonged to her for me to wear on the day.  I was overwhelmed.  They were there for me throughout those years and when my baby daughter Elfin died they were a huge strength.


We spoke on the phone almost every week.  It was more difficult when I went off to University, although we still wrote frequently and I kept them up to date with my life and my media studies, they were really pleased that I was taking Marc's advice and following my dreams.


It was Marc’s brother Harry who wrote to me and gave the extremely sad news that Phyllis had passed away, I was devastated for both of them, as they had become part of my family.  The next time I was to visit the crematorium in Golders Green it was not only to see Marc but Phyllis too.  I took consolation in the fact that she was with ‘her boy’ as she often referred him.  It wasn’t too long after that Simmie too passed away.


I miss them so much, I miss having them to visit and to talk to about what is going on with Marc's music and what Rolan is doing.  They would be so proud, but I’m sure they know.


I owe so much to Marc and his family. My career, my soul mate Delf, the fans who are my family, the bops, the glitter, the laughter and the special feeling of pride you get for having been a part of the Marc Bolan / T.rex world and for leaving us with so many wonderful memories and so much magic...  Thank you Marc.


Karen Bond - 2006



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