Alan Barton


These fabulous, rare pics belonging to our friend Alan (aka Sloop) Barton, show Marc and T.Rex circa 1976 - onwards to 77...

Here is Alan's recollection of the three shows...


"I saw T. Rex three times, 1976 & 1977, at the Manchester Free Trade Hall, the Manchester Apollo &  the Southport Floral Hall, unfortunately I don't have the dates.

These photos are from all three concerts, I do have more photos but they are  of a much poorer quality than the ones I am sending to you.

The other pics are from Southport in 1978.  Dave & Dave who ran the T. Rex Appreciation Society, held a convention there & Marc's parents attended.  They brought some clothes with them to raffle off, I held his jacket & trainers, but they were too small for me to try on!

After the convention, 'Born To Boogie' was shown at the local cinema in Southport & Marc's Dad sat next to me in the cinema & his Mum sat behind me with my mate.

There is a pic here of  Caron Willans (Danielz's Caron -Trextasy) & also Karen Bond who knew Marc & recently gave me a framed picture of Marc with some of Marc's actual hair inside the frame.



Finally, TooREX asked Alan "what was it actually like meeting Marc's parents, and how awesome was it to be so close to Marc onstage?"


"Yeah I met Marc's parents & they were so friendly, but the  most treasured  memory from meeting them was sitting with them during the showing of 'Born To Boogie'.   Marc's Dad said to me that night, that it was the first time  he had ever seen the whole film.......strange, but that is what he said to me!

I could go on and on about what it was like to see Marc Bolan in front of the closest he must have been about a foot away, but I never touched him nor did I meet him, but got real close, as you can see.  It's like a dream!!  

I have been lucky enough to see most of the biggest rock stars on the name 'em!!, Queen, Elton, McCartney, Bowie, Michael Jackson, Stones, Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams, God, I've seen 'em all, but....what I am trying to one comes near Marc Bolan! Some played guitar better, some had better backing, most had a tighter band, my great buddy says so often..."There's only one Marc Bolan"!!!! 

Not one of them had the pure magic that Marc had, & that, was far more superior than the false egos that are so prevalent today. The man was pure MAGIC! UNREAL! - almost a God.... just so very special &  that's why he took over my life all those years ago..."

Regards Alan


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