This year 2017 will be 40 years since Marc passed away... 
Help keep Marc's musical legacy alive by supporting all the various Bolan events in 2017 and beyond..
Please support live music by getting along to shows from TooREX, T.Rextasy, Beltane, Remco, and all the other tributes to Marc.
Without these splendid acts as well as the Bolan Bops, how else can we share Marc's story with the kids of tomorrow? 
So, here we go...2017 dates now added ready for TooREX's UK MARC BOLAN MEMORIAL 40th ANNIVERSARY TOUR! 

Enjoy and see you at a show soon!
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TooREX Tourdates 2017

Think of Marc today on what would have been his 69th birthday...

Remembering Marc today -16th September 2016
" When a young life ends abruptly, its energy will surely want to live on in the environment where it once stood. Embrace Marc's eternal light and help share it with the many generations to come... May the legend of Marc Bolan live forever!"  Our deepest respects, TooREX - The UK Tribute to Marc Bolan's T.REX

This year's Marc Bolan Memorial show with TooREX has SOLD OUT

Alvin Stardust... 23rd October 2015

We just can't believe a whole year has just passed by since we lost our dear pal Alvin! We all miss him so. We always ended up having many a fab evening with him and his epic band at our joint shows, with Alvin telling us his many stories of life on the road as a 1970's superstar back in the day... Also he and Marc were very close pals and he always told us how Marc was "one of the nicest guys he'd ever met." We can sure say that about you Alvin!

Here's a never seen before pic of Alvin with his personal bodyguard, none other than our own TooREX drummer Steevi's DAD! ('Roy the Boy' ) On this particular night in 1974, Alvin jumped offstage into a seething mass of fans, Roy was mortified but went headlong straight after him and calmly rescued Alvin from the hysterical girls (who had by now dragged Alvin to the floor!) Steevi mentioned to Alvin about the below photo, and the tour he was on, and we know he was very keen to see it as he remembers that night clearly! He said "Steevi, it was extremely frightening!, Your Dad saved my neck!"

We sadly never managed to get the photo to him in time as it was tucked away in a loft. But finally, here it is... 

Our thoughts are with his family and his band members at this tough time 
TooREX   Xxx 

Alvin Stardust (pic right) 27 September 1942 – 23 October 2014


Remember Jim Beck Week- The Yardbirds , Grimsby concert 2015

 May 8th 2007 was a sad day for many.
Since we lost our good friend and 'Marc Bolan super- fan' Jim Beck, we'd 
just like to take a special moment to remember him...

If  you didn't have the pleasure to have met this sparkly star, trust us... he was a gem!. We'd also like to thank his family and friends for their ever constant contact, kind support and friendship, and hope that the week ahead for everyone is full of good memories of a very special chap indeed. We know that our ethos is to pay tribute to the great man himself, Marc Bolan... this, we believe, also includes his ever loyal fans....Lova ya Jimbo!!

L/R Bobby TooREX, Jim Beck, Col TooREX

From Don Powell of Slade's Official website...

Sept 16th 2014

"It's not length of life, but depth of life.." 

Thirty-seven years on to the day, MARC BOLAN - still living in the hearts of many. May your memory always be a blessing...

Love TooREX - The Musical Tribute To Marc Bolan.