Ian ‘Zapper’ Francis

Guitars for TooREX


FROM:  Essex

LIKES: Sects, Ducks and Rock'n'Roll

DISLIKES: Scientology and beetroot

FAVE FOOD: Peking Duck

FAVE MOVIES: Shawshank Redemption, Life of Brian, The Graduate, Count Duckula

FAVE BOOK: Jemima Puddle-Duck

FAVE BANDS: T.Rex, Slade, Beatles, Radiohead, Tubes, Focus, Frank Zappa, Richard Hawley, Ducks Deluxe, Nick Drake (no really!!)

FAVE TV PROGS: Sopranos, Life on Mars, The Old Grey Whistle Test, Donald Duck

FAVE CAR: Wartburg Turbo.


  • Metal Guru
  • Thunderwing
  • Children of the Revolution
  • Life’s a Gas
  • Telegram Sam

Zapper is so named as his scorching guitar solos have been known to take out houseflies at 100 paces, although he prefers it to his original nickname 'Swat'. Zapper  has played in pub bands in and around Essex for many years, the most recent of which was called The Fabulous Wartburgs. Zapper first met TooREX's Bobby T in the late ‘90s through the Wartburgs' drummer Andy ‘It's Bowie not Bowie’ Keil. Zapper is currently taking conga lessons from TooREX drummer Steevi.

10 things about Zapper you may not know, he...

1. Imports guitars from a bloke in China called Kevin

2. Once frightened Bill Legend in a Chelmsford pub by claiming to have been ‘studying him’ (in T-Rex videos of course...!)

3. Is currently negotiating a (small) endorsement deal with Brylcreem

4. Was present at the first Electric Warriors gig in Billericay in 2001

5. Once played a reggae version of 20th Century Boy with the Wartburgs when he realised Bobby T was in the audience (it bombed…..)

6. Tells people he’s a Chartered Accountant!

7. First single he ever bought was Metal Guru, from Soundtrack in Leigh-on-Sea (OK, actually it was the second – the first was thrash metal anthem Two Little Boys, but don’t tell anyone…)

8. Bought his first guitar in Spain at the age of 11 (i.e. about 10 years ago…..)

9. Has 2 pet ducks called Crispy and Aromatic

10. Once played a blues gig to a conference of merchant bankers in Hong Kong (honest!).