Johnny ‘JR’ Ray

Electric Bass for Too REX


FROM: Derby, but brought up as a soft Southerner in Southend-on-Sea

LIKES: Flying, Aircraft, Cinema.

DISLIKES: Politicians, big business, war.

FAVE FOOD: Indian (vindaloo) Steak with pasta and a bottle of Rioja, moule marinière.

FAVE MOVIES: Any World War II movies, Midnight Run, Sean of the Dead, A Good Year.

FAVE BOOK: Anything by Ken Follett, Robert Harris or Stephen E. Ambrose.

FAVE BANDS: T.Rex, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Crowded House, Alex Harvey Band, Supertramp, Nazareth, INXS, Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Foo Fighters, The Police, Foreigner, Brian Adams, Rolling Stones, Snow Patrol.

FAVE TV PROGS: Life on Mars, Would I Lie To You, Have I Got News For You,

FAVE CAR: Anything that starts on the first turn of the key and is low maintenance! I have changed enough fan belts and head gaskets to last me a lifetime thank you. 


           5 FAVE T-REX TRACKS
  • Raw Ramp

  • Get it On

  • Telegram Sam

  • Children of the Revolution

  • The Slider



Johnny wanted to play bass before he was even sure what one was! He just knew he wanted to make 'that noise' and bought a bass from a mate at school and taught himself to play. He has Played most of the major venues in London and supported artists such as 'Julia Fordham' and 'The Men They Couldn't Hang', has gigged in Paris, Germany and Sweden and played to 30,000 people at the Reading Festival. He has recorded at major studios such as 'Battery' in the same studio Brian Adams recorded 'Waking Up the Neighbours' and at the Manor in Oxford where Tubular Bells was created. He has also recorded with The Big Figure (drummer of Dr. Feelgood) and an album with Gypy Mayo - guitarist (Dr. Feelgood/Yardbirds) and John Potter - boogie piano player (Dr. Feelgood/Wilko Johnson's Solid Senders).

10 things about John you may not know, he...

1. Lived next door to a flat that had a make-over by Carol Smiley and Handy Andy. He was 'surprised' to discover Carol arriving for filming at 11am each day by chauffer driven car. He had always thought that she stayed over at the property each night cleaning the brushes and paint rollers...

2. Did his first ever paid recording session at age 17 for Maxine Daniels, Jazz singer and sister of well known 
(to some) entertainer Kenny Lynch.

3. His jaw dropped one Sunday when his mother brought Danny Kirwan (one half of Peter Green/Danny Kirwan guitar partnership in the legendary Fleetwood Mac) home for lunch. He regularly propped up the bar where she was working at the time, and she said "he looked lonely and in need of a hot meal" - she had no idea who he was! After lunch, he picked up John's battered acoustic guitar and was brilliant (of course).

4. Saw Eric Blake (one of Bobby's early bands) play at the 101 club in London. Cute singer (she was)!

5. Recorded with Danielz' (Trextasy fella) old band Tarazara. 

6. Spent an enjoyable day playing bass and recording with Bill Legend.

 Recently had his photo taken with Harriet Harman - It's a long story and not very interesting.

8. Can be heard playing bass on the soundtrack of Madonna's Evita (if you listen very very very carefully).

9. His very first band was runner up in a 'battle of the bands' competition in Southend. Shortly afterwards, he 
was approached by an executive of Purple Records who expressed an interest in his band 'Panacea'. Unfortunately
the executive was then posted to another office in Europe and so the contact got away, Damn....... 

 Is the proud owner of a tiny red Ashbory double bass which measures about 17" long and has silicone rubber 
strings. Honest!