Barry TooREX

TooREX's fastidious drum and guitar Tech  

Starsign: Capricorn

Likes: Buddhists, Cars, Motorbikes, Adrenalin!!

Dislikes: Politicians, Religion, Aggressive people, oppression of any kind, The UK motorway network.
Fave Food: Just loves food! Except turnips!!

Fave Movies: The Green Mile, Always, Darkstar, LOTR, Dusk 'Till Dawn, Reservoir Dogs, Casablanca,
Anything starring Humphrey Bogart.

Fave Books: First Light, Geoff Wellum. Bag of Bones, Stephen King. Anything by Prof. Steven Hawking or Spike Milligan.

Fave Bands: T.Rex (and TooRex)!!, Led Zeppelin,
Blondie, Bowie, The Eagles, Clapton, Knopfler, Bruce Springsteen.

Fave TV: Red Dwarf, Black Adder, Farty Owls!, The
Simpsons, Futurama.

Fave Cars: Anything BMW, two or four wheels!

5 ( that's five Barry! ) Fave T.Rex Tracks:

1. One Inch Rock
2. Ride a White Swan
3. Raw Ramp
4. New York City
5. Thunderwing
6. Woodland Rock

Ten things you may not know. Barry...

1. Once owned a dog called Dandy!(in the underworld)!
2. Saved someone's' life after a road accident.
3. Once rode a Suzuki 250GT blindfold! (no connection to thing number 2 above)!!!
4. Is an excellent marksman and once completed for Essex. (also nothing to do with number 2!)
5. Never had any Wisdom teeth!
6. Has a sister who is also a petrol head!
7. Loves flying.
8. Hates airports.
9. Once hung out of the door of a Cessna 152 at 2500 feet!
10. Loves Marshmallows!!


  photography courtesy of Sands Theatre